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Electric water heater safety and energy-saving technology has been a revolutionary breakthrough


Recently, Water Heater giant Wanhe officially announced that China's first light-wave heating Electric Water Heater has been successfully developed at Wanhe and will be launched in the near future.

Million and light wave electric water heaters use photoelectric conversion technology, in one fell swoop innovation of traditional electric heating technology: on the one hand, the electrical energy into light wave water heating, more emphasis on safety! Light wave electric water heater adopts special glass sealing heating wire to isolate it from water. The heating wire emits light waves to heat the entire heating tube, and then heats the water. In case of abnormality such as heating tube damage, the heating wire immediately oxidizes water, and the product structure is completely designed. Eliminating leakage and water entrainment phenomena; on the other hand, light wave heating speed is faster, the same product power is equal to other conditions, the use of light wave heating technology is 30% faster than ordinary electric water heaters, ordinary electric water heaters consume once per degree of electric heating water, if used Light wave electric water heater heating equal amount of water only 0.7 degrees, energy saving, low carbon effect is very obvious.

According to Wanhe technical personnel, light wave heating technology has subverted electric water heater heating technology in the past. Simply put, ordinary electric water heaters rely on heating elements to transmit heat to heat water, and light wave electric water heaters heat water through the heating and heating of filaments. Therefore, the light wave heating technology and the general electric water heater heating technology are essentially different.

It is understood that the heating pipe is one of the core components of the electric water heater. It not only needs to ensure the safety of the product, but also determines the service life of the product. Therefore, the requirements for the heating pipe are extremely strict. At present, ordinary electric water heaters use magnesium oxide powder isolated heating wire heating technology. If the heating tube is used for a certain period of time, especially in poor water quality, the outer shell stainless steel will be worn through, resulting in leakage, if not Leakage protection devices can cause personal injury and have a short life. According to the introduction of Wanhe technical personnel, the service life of Wanhe Lightwave electric water heaters can reach more than 5,000 hours, which is 5 times longer than the service life of ordinary heat pipes (1000 hours). The thermal efficiency of the products can reach 96% and reach the national standard. .

It is reported that Wan He started the invention of the first domestic water-controlled gas water heater in 1992 and entered the development and production of electric water heaters in 1995. Until now, Wan He has also been involved in the leading edge of traditional water heaters such as gas water heaters and electric water heaters. New energy water heaters such as solar energy, air energy, and biogas energy, as well as R&D and production of multiple energy integrated water heaters. With Wanhe Electric listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange at the beginning of the year, the annual production capacity of electric water heaters will reach 2 million units and the total annual production capacity of water heaters will reach more than 6 million units. This scale can be considered as a giant in the industry. . Taking this as an opportunity, Wanhe will strive to realize the strategic upgrading of “gas-burning experts” to “the first brand of domestic hot water supply” and step up the solid pace of “thousands of leap-frog development”.
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